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Selected Historical Exhibitions 

"In a Silent Way"

29 January - 22 February 2020, SABBIA Gallery

In a Silent Way

After a long period of creating works that essentially involved story-telling with a strong landscape theme, it’s an interesting experience to take a leap into the unknown.


A recent visit to an exhibition of Japanese objects from the Edo Period reminded me of just how strongly Japanese Art had influenced my thinking over decades, quite often indirectly and it started a train of thought that wouldn’t let go.


With a whole repertoire of forms and surface effects, plus a unique range of glazes developed over many years, my original painting training came to the fore and the idea took hold that they could be used in other ways!  Add a little inspiration from Miles Davis and John Coltrane to ultramarine blue and it’s a whole new world out there.


Producing this exhibition has been a fabulous adventure in every way and I hope you also find it so.


Jeff Mincham AM

Kind of Blue
22 Feb-16 Mar 2019, BMGArt - 2019 Adelaide Festival of Arts

Sydney Contemporary
13-16 September 2018, Sabbia Gallery at Sydney Contemporary - Gallery 2

Something Blue - Ceramics Masters

2-31 March 2018, Sabbia Gallery

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