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When I joined a Field Naturalists’ Club at 13 years of age I could never have imagined where it would eventually lead and just how much my life would be influenced by it.

Throughout my teenage years endless hours were spent in search of rare birds, plant species and unusual insects. Through intense observation I came to understand the nature of the world around me in all its variety and interconnected layers of complexity.

Now through my work in ceramics these experiences have given me a basis to explore a creative repertoire that seeks to extract the essentials form landscapes and give them expressive form.

All the components of life, death, decay, rebirth and regeneration are in play in the struggle to exit and to thrive in ever changing circumstances. An endless theatre of events great and small and all inter-related.

The works in this exhibition engage with these myriad sources in a quest for that powerful interplay of elements that finds a special resolution of the observed, the unexpected and the spontaneous – A Vision Splendid.


Jeffery Mincham AM, September 2017

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